Paint Sealant
An Amino functional polymer-copolymer resin, ValuGard Paint Sealant provides outstanding protection against fading, chalking, and oxidation while providing a deep, high gloss shine that is as durable as it is attractive. In excess of 7 million vehicles treated.

Fabric Protector
Thoroughly enhances every fiber and thread of a car ‘ s fabric. This tough coating prevents stains from coffee, soft drinks, milk and most spills. Prolongs fabric life; spills just bead up successfully protected them against permanent staining.

Leather / Vinyl Protector
Beautifies leather and/or vinyl surfaces while protecting against permanent staining. Not a greasy or oily silicone product, ValuGard does not attract dust nor leave surfaces slippery. Virtually a liquid vinyl to protect expensive interior components.

Under CoatingA flexible micro wax based coating that is designed to insulate, quiet and protect the underbody from corrosion. It’s application is clean, simple and it’s performance in unmatched.

Rust Inhibitor Wax based and atomized for superior crevice penetration. ValuGard amber colored Anti-Rust Compound is state of the art. Protects vehicles from salt, water and other damaging compounds by eliminating electrolysis, which is the primary cause of rust. There are no holes drilled in the vehicle.